back in the early/mid 2000s, i started to notice stickers and signs painted with dark-colored clouds surrounded by vibrant colors. these things were all over the boston area. i saw so many of them that i started carrying my camera with me everywhere i went and going on night missions on my bike to find new ones and get flicks. my digital camera at the time had a function that would allow me to record an audio comment with each picture, so i recorded notes about where each photo was taken. i later started a flickr map and posted all of the pictures in their corresponding locations. you can check the map out here. if you scroll through the picture strip along the bottom, you'll see the locations update on the map itself. unfortunately, at the time i didn't want to pay for a pro flickr account, so i was limited to 200 photos, which meant that the other 200 or so photos i have never made it to the map, but it's still pretty interesting to check out. eventually, the person responsible for this pieces (darkclouds) moved away to nyc (i think). i've since caught their work in that great city, as well as places as far away as burlington, vt and london. whoever does this is really prolific.

here are a handful of examples: